Elekrtozawodskaya sepia web
Mayakovskaya sepia web
VDNKh sepia web


JULY 2014


These museum-like underground stations are amongst the most beautiful in Moscow, Russia:


Elekrosavodskaya was opened in 1944 and named after the electric light bulb factory nearby. The 318 lights are the main attraction, alongside the beautiful marble walls, granite floor and of course the 12 marble bas-reliefs. It is a real delight. I love that a few light bulbs have gone out. 


The beauty of Moscows underground stations is magnificent and Mayakovskaya is certainly one of the most beautiful. I like the symmetry of each arch and long stretched marble floor. The 34 ceiling mosaics with filament lights captured my attention more than the architectural structure.


VDNKh, pronounced vedeenkha, is an acronym and stands for the equivalent of ‘Exhibition of Achievements of the People’s Economy’. Overground, it is home to a permanent exhibition centre and amusement park. When I photographed the site and printed the photo, my fascination stayed with the museum like chandeliers rather than the mural at the back or the paintings along the ceiling. 


For each of the metro stations, by main focus was to show off the lights when deciding on my print settings on the enlarger. All prints have been sepia toned.